About the Conference

September 24-26, 2008

Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor, Slovenia, is pleased to announce the Seventh Biennial International Conference "Policing in Central and Eastern Europe: Social Control in Contemporary Society – Practice and Research" to be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 24-26, 2008.

Possible topics

  • Forms of social control
  • Formal, informal and institutionalised informal social control
  • Modes of control in contemporary society
  • Reporting crime
  • Factors of effective and efficient criminal investigation
  • Policing and crime prevention - modes of policing
  • Changes in policing styles
  • Provision of safety and security (national, regional and local level)
  • Interdepartmental cooperation in crime control and crime prevention
  • Crime control policies and their implications
  • Crime control strategies
  • Developments in crime prevention
  • Cascade events and security awareness
  • Contemporary trends in social control
  • Crime control – between ideas and implementation
  • Crime prevention – ideology of ‘soft control’?
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary crime prevention
  • Relations between repression and prevention
  • Transfer of crime control and crime prevention ideas
  • International cooperation in fields of crime control and crime prevention
  • NGOs and crime prevention
  • Private policing and crime prevention
  • Plural policing and provision of safety
  • Multiethnic policing
  • Post-conflict policing
  • Prevention of hate crimes
  • Responses on terrorism
  • Wars on crime and their implications
  • Prevention of specific criminal offences
  • European crime control policies
  • National crime control policies
  • Good practices in crime control and crime prevention
  • Prevention of repeat victimization
  • Private and public security services
  • Safety isues
  • Social control practices
  • Research of social control

conference proceedings

Download Conference Proceedings
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dates to remember

  • may 15, 2008
  • proposal submission deadline
  • june 15, 2008
  • decision regarding acceptance
  • before july 1, 2008
  • advanced registration period
  • september 24-26, 2008
  • conference

conference partners

European Group of Research into Norms

Eastern Kentucky University | The College of Justice & Safety

University of Leicester, Department of Criminology The Slovenian Research Agency provides financial support to the 7th Biennial International Criminal Justice Conference Policing in Central and Eastern Europe.