About the Criminal Justice and Security

Criminal justice and security studies is an interdisciplinary science studying issues related to security, safety and protection, developing and studying the mechanisms society develops and puts in place to maintain the safety/security of the state, its local communities, economic organisations and individuals, and to protect these entities from any harmful behaviour, as well as developing relevant theories and methods of security provision, safety and protection.

As such, this branch of science examines security, safety and protection, creating and maintaining conditions for providing security and procedures aimed at averting threats caused by individuals, groups of individuals and/or the state, as well as with the organisation, management and operation of security and safety-providing social entities. Specific subject areas covered by criminal justice and security are:

  • the national security system and international community security systems (tasks performed by uniformed police, criminal police, judicial police, execution of prison sentences, organisation and operation of intelligence services);
  • local community security activities (such as municipal police);
  • private security (private security and private security agencies, private investigators, counselling in security issues, business security in economic enterprises);
  • self-organised individual and group security.

Criminal justice and security is a social science discipline that deals with:

  • understanding the social, psychological, philosophical, economic, historical, legal and political aspects of crime and deviance;
  • exploring the aetiology and response to criminality and criminals;
  • assessing the extent and form of crime and other deviant behaviour in society;
  • studying the implementation of criminal law;
  • studying law enforcement in practice and the work of prosecution services and the courts;
  • studying other social-control mechanisms in contemporary society and methods of provision of private, public, internal, international or any other form of security.


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