International Cooperation

As a faculty of the University of Maribor, the Faculty of Criminal Justice is a part of the international cooperation network that the University is developing across all fields. As such, it is also a part of the European Union’s Erasmus programme, which provides students, professors and other staff with a certain degree of mobility in terms of studying and teaching abroad. Further, the Faculty is also developing bilateral international cooperation with similar institutions in Europe and elsewhere. Such cooperation brings the Faculty particularly close to relevant institutions in the territory of the former Yugoslavia: the Police College in Zagreb, the Faculty of Criminal Science in Sarajevo, the Police Academy in Skopje, the Faculty of Law of the University of Rijeka, the Police Academy in Belgrade, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Security Studies of the University of Belgrade. 

Mention must also be made of current and/or past cooperation projects with foreign institutions involved in security training, such as the National Police Leadership Centre in Bramshill in Great Britain; the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia (US); and with other federal police academies in the United States and the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Budapest. The Faculty fosters good relations with the Villingen-Schweningen Police Academy in Germany, and other institutions.

As far as this cooperation with foreign universities is concerned, one cannot help but point out the work on joint research projects with the University of Arkansas in the United States and UMIST (the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) in Manchester, Great Britain. Faculty professors also take part in research work with researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg (Germany), Michigan State University (US) and other organisations – GERN and CESDIP (France). Since 2004, the Faculty has been working closely with the Kent Police (Great Britain), the Police Academy of the Netherlands and the Police Academy of Estonia on the project of developing a postgraduate study programme in the field of policing called European Diploma of Policing – EDP. The updated list of the institutions with which the Faculty has entered cooperation agreements is published on our website.

Lecturers from the Faculty hold positions on editorial boards of various international journals and are members of a number of international professional organisations and associations. They participate in international conferences and expert bodies, and benefit from study visits and courses abroad, e.g. at universities in Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester (United Kingdom), and Harvard University, Eastern Kentucky University and Grand Valley University (US). In addition, they regularly take part in professor exchange programmes hosted by other European research and academic institutions involved in the Erasmus programme, and the European research programme “CRIMPREV - Assessing Deviance, Crime and Prevention in Europe” (2006-2009).

Very important part of our international cooperation refers to study trips of our students, led by professors to different foreign universities and institutions of criminal justice as well students’ participations at international conferences. 



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