In 2007/2008, The Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security fully implemented new study programmes designed according to the Bologna Declaration guidelines, including three first-level degree undergraduate programmes, Criminal Justice and Security (‘Security and Policing’), Information Security and Criminal Justice and Security - B.A.; Criminal Justice and Security - a two-cycle second level degree master’s course; and Criminal Justice and Security, a post-graduate third degree Ph.D. course.

Second- and third-degree study programmes focus on the development of analytical skills for solving most complex professional problems, as well as on deepening and dissemination of new knowledge in very specific fields of expertise, introducing the candidates to the most complex problem-oriented application of their knowledge and skills.

Graduates of the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security can seek their job opportunities in state bodies, private-owned companies (police, private-owned security companies, intelligence services, detective agencies, etc.), the Ministry of Defence (military police), the Ministry of Justice (Prison Administration of the RS) and companies (provision of safety and security, preventing business and industrial espionage, etc.), not to mention new job opportunities related to safety and security issues in local communities (city warden services). According the latest development trends in Europe, we can soon expect emergence of new professions, such as security manager in local communities, B.A. of information security, and others).


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