Guidelines for presenting authors

Authors must personally present their papers at the Conference. At least one author per paper must register for the Conference and complete the registration process.

English is the working language of the Criminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe Conference, therefore all presentations must be prepared and delivered in English.

Presentations will be organised in plenary and panel sessions.

  • Plenary presentations are organised in two plenary sessions on the first day of the conference. A maximum of 20 minutes is reserved for each plenary presentation.
  • Panel presentations are organised into 90-minute sessions comprising 4-5 presentations. A maximum of 15 minutes is reserved for each presentation, while the remaining time is reserved for a discussion.

As a presenter, we would like to provide you with the following notes and guidelines to help ensure your session and the overall conference run smoothly. It is important that all members of each session are provided equal opportunity to present their research and have enough time for feedback and discussion. Please be aware that session chairs will be requested to keep presenters to the allocated time and follow the instructions below.

  • Please check the Conference Programme on the web site to find out how many papers are in your session. Most sessions comprise 4 papers, some 5 papers. If in doubt, please contact the conference office.
  • If you will have more than one presentation, the programme will be available on the conference web page in August 2018.
  • Please note for guidance that we recommend up to 10 slides for a 15-minute presentation.
  • On your first slide, please include the presentation title, your name, conference name, date and place along with other information you would like. Due to technical considerations, we discourage the inclusion of various media such as video in the presentations.
  • Authors should preferably prepare their presentations using PowerPoint, however no standardized template is prescribed.
  • Try to arrive to the presentation room as early as possible in order to introduce yourself to the session chair and copy your presentation on a computer desktop. This will also help ensure that sessions start on time and there will be no longer breaks between presentations due to copying files on the computer.