To coordinate its educational and research efforts and develop thereto related scientific disciplines and professions, the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security has developed six chairs headed by their most prominent members.

Chair of Criminology

Head: Gorazd Meško Ph.D., Full Professor

Chair of Criminal Investigation

Head: Danijela Frangež Ph.D., Associate Professor

Chair of Policing and Security Studies

Head: Andrej Sotlar Ph.D., Full Professor

Chair of Information Security

Head: Blaž Markelj Ph.D., Associate Professor

Chair of Law

Head: Bojan Tičar Ph.D., Full Professor

Chair of Social Studies, Humanities, and Methodology

Head: Igor Areh Ph.D., Associate Professor

Among other, these chairs:

  • develop FCJS’s study and research programmes and address thereto-related issues;
  • implement study programmes and carry out research;
  • through basic or other research, develop their particular scientific disciplines providing the theoretical and practical input to the study programmes while fostering an interdisciplinary approach;
  • make sure that scientific research achievements and state-of-the-art findings are integrated into the study process at all levels;
  • elaborate teaching methods and help develop professional terminology;
  • monitor, analyse, and report on student performance rates and research achievements;
  • foster professional development of teaching and research staff;
  • suggest diploma titles;
  • plan the development of and set course literature and materials;
  • maintain cooperation with organisations and research units in related fields within/outside the University of Maribor; as well as
  • perform other tasks pursuant to the regulations adopted by the University of Maribor and the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security and its leadership.