Call for Places in Student Dormitory Ljubljana for ERASMUS+ Incoming Students (spring 2023/2024)

Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor has a contract with Student dormitory Ljubljana. Due to the shortage of places for Slovene students in public dormitories in Ljubljana the number of places for international students is extremely limited. Students who decide to use this accommodation are placed in one of the student dormitories in Ljubljana (according to free places at the time of their arrival). Prices differ, but are on average 200 € per month. Students also need to ‘pay’ a safety deposit (400€), which is returned to them no later than 1 month after the end of their contract (departure).

There are no group applications! You can apply only for yourself. We accept applications only from students with arranged and submitted documents and fully signed and confirmed Erasmus+ Learning agreements at the time of application for a student dormitory.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because the number of places is extremely limited, we require that you send us your application for Student dormitory Ljubljana only when you are 100% sure that you will really use this accommodation. Later cancelations are not possible.

Some additional information regarding accommodation in Ljubljana:

  • HOSTELS and HOTELS: Ljubljana has a wide network of hostels and hotels that also have offers for Erasmus students.
  • STUDENT DORMITORIES who accept Erasmus+ students: Student dormitory Vič;
  • You can also find many private rooms. There are different sites that have listed accomodations in English: E.g.: Nepremič - (site is also in English + we advise you to search for other sites and forums for Erasmus students); Posredovalnica sob and Kamrica site are in Slovenian, so you may have to use google translate in order to get around
  • Ljubljana has a well-developed AirBnB network and apartments and rooms are offered for a monthly rent.
  • There are Facebook groups intended for Erasmus students searching for accommodation in Ljubljana, such as: "Stanovanjce, stanovanjce, kje si? Mali oglasi za nepremičnine (you can post adverts in English saying you are looking for accommodation, or respond to some of the posts already posted in the group where someone is renting out a room/apartment...); Erasmus Ljubljana 2023/2024 Official Group, available at:
  • Rooms in shared apartments can be found on this link as well. Under 'Slovenia' choose Oddaja (first window), Stanovanje (second window) and price you are considering reserving for the room. Simmilar site is also
  • - You can post adverts in English saying you are looking for accommodation, or respond to some of the posts already posted in the FB group where someone is renting out a room/apartment...
  • - We also advise you to visit the website where you can find additional information regarding accommodation options in Ljubljana