5th International Student Conference on Local Safety and Security – Rural Perspectives

The 5th international criminological and safety/security student conference on Local safety and security in local communities this year focuses on the entanglement of United Nations Social Development Goals with the perspectives of local safety and security in Montenegro and Slovenia and is held online on MS Teams. The aim of the conference is to understand the global orientations in the field of sustainable development and human security and to contextualize these ideas in the local environment.

Masters’ students of the Faculty of Law, the University of Podgorica, Montenegro and Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, the University of Maribor, under supervision of professors Velimir Rakočević, Gorazd Meško, and Katja Eman, have studied local safety and security problems in rural settings of Montenegro and Slovenia. The results of their research in the academic year 2021/22 will be presented and discussed.

The Faculty of Criminal Justice of the University of Maribor (FCJS UM) is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI). Researchers of the FCJS UM have been conducting a research project on Safety and Security in Local Communities since 2015. Students as future professionals in the fields of criminal justice and security actively participate in researching local safety and security perspectives. In 2022, we are organising the fifth international student conference on safety and security in local communities. The main topics of the conference are the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals discussed in the context of local community safety and security in Slovenia and Montenegro. Around forty papers will be presented and discussed. We believe that a discussion on the UN SDGs is very important for future development and sustainability globally but must be understood and incorporated also in the local context. In this sense, we are following the slogan »Think globally, understand, act and solve locally«.